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  • More than just the money?

    Every employer knows the importance of having the right staff, not just in terms of delivering the task but in representing their company, service and brand; the right people are a strong USP. In these challenging times, the battle for the best staff may be seen to be being won by the big names; those organisations that can clearly offer competitive salaries and carry the weight of reputation and kudos. But when it comes to hiring, it is increasingly not the case that only money matters! The media and online news are frequently awash with employment statistics and satisfaction surveys; with career progression and scope of responsibilities high on the employee hit-list. Perhaps more surprisingly is the lack of importance or significance that salary alone has in the overall job satisfaction for many. While salary is clearly important in meeting needs and paying the bills, and ultimately important to some for the status of a decent salary, for the majority, it is not the primary consideration. Equally, it is frequently employees who work within the SME marketplace who report the most job satisfaction, which in turn translates to better loyalty to their employer.

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  • The Personal Touch

    In recent years, as the use of technology has evolved and social media has become an increasingly widespread tool in business, our industry has, like many others, embraced its many advantages. The use of social media in promoting vacancies and researching talent has become the accepted norm; while it is a fantastic tool for broadening the market and exposure, is recruitment perhaps becoming less personal as a result?

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