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  • How to get your CV right – FAST!

    Some advice on getting your CV right - in the amount of time an internal recruiter will spend reading it*. (*On their second pass, if you're lucky!)

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  • Dear Diary: why pausing to reflect on your career can be your best competitive advantage of all

    In our last blog we thought about some actions that anyone can take to deliver quick but small marginal gains in their search for a job. But I'd also encourage you to delve a little deeper. Here are some actions you can take that may take a little longer, but that can help you to be the best you can be in your career. In the true spirit of Kaizen, which we touched upon in the last blog, some of these ideas work best as part of an ongoing project or process of review.

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  • Jobseekers: eight ways to give yourself a competitive edge

    When we become a jobseeker, we become a competitor, vying with a crowded field of candidates for the same role. The comparison with sport is inescapable, so it makes sense that sport can teach us a thing or two about job-hunting. 

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