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Year-end, new beginnings

Year end, new beginnings

Paradoxically, winter is often a season of new beginnings for those of us in the Human Capital sector. New Year is a key hiring season and a time when many people are contemplating a change in job, or even an emphatic career shift – and that means that HR and recruitment professionals tend to be preoccupied with talent planning now.

Here at 1-1 Recruitment, we have good reason to associate the last couple of months of the year with change. It's a time of growth and expansion as we drive our coverage of the Human Resources sector into a new phase and enhance our use of social media!

The changing face of HR

I have a longstanding fascination with Human Resources. I started my career in HR in a large corporate IT company, where I gained insight into business structuring and the various (and evolving) roles of the function. My employer underwent significant change during my tenure, which meant I spent a lot of time helping to develop new organisational structures.

At the same company I also spent some time as an internal recruiter, where I learned that I loved the role. That's ultimately the career I pursued, but I never lost a fascination and appreciation for the Human Resources function. As an HR recruiter I have a good overview of the industry, and in an era where change is the only constant, it seems to me that few business functions have undergone a more fundamental redraft of what it means to be in the role.

We live in a competitive world. The need to identify and attract talent has evolved into the need to gene-pool, plan, attract, retain, deploy, benchmark, pipeline, capture, mentor, succession-plan, and a lot more besides. The rate and ubiquity of organisational change, the blurring of boundaries between key organisational functions and a whole new set of demands on HR means it has become an increasingly commercial business-partnering function with many more metrics, a voice on the Board and a major part to play in marketing and organisational planning.

HR today is more strategic, more measured, more numerate, more linked to growth than it has ever been. When I began working in HR there wasn't much variety within the available roles; the focus was on traditional "personnel". Many organisations didn't recognise the value of HR or the part it played. What a difference a couple of decades can make! Since I founded 1-1 Recruitment in 2000 I have filled roles for HR Managers and Business Partners, Advisers and Admins and a raft of more specialist HR roles too long to list.

Many of my early candidates have become clients, and many are still working for the companies I placed them in. One of my proudest achievements is to have helped build the HR team at one client, having sourced most of the team and seen many of them progress their careers there, with a former candidate of mine now managing the department. In my industry, you don't get more job satisfaction than that!

Not surprisingly, our experience of the market for HR professionals has been that it was a little quieter during 2008 and the immediate aftermath of the recession, but we're now seeing a lot of HR roles in corporates and SMEs alike, including a rise in interim roles.

We fill roles significantly further afield than we did in those years and have our fingers firmly on the pulse of the industry and all that it requires. My advice to any clients (or prospective clients) would be – if you have an HR role, no matter what and where – challenge us. With our network of contacts we can source the best people.

Social media

With so much going on in the business these days we'll be dropping in on our social media a little more, so don't forget to follow us on Twitter for useful links, tips, blogs, conversation, jobs, and anything else we feel like sharing with you! You can follow our Twitter feed here, and please do check out our LinkedIn and Facebook pages too.

Whether you're a jobseeker looking for an exciting new role or an organisation who needs the very best talent, don't hesitate to get in touch – there are so many ways to do so now!

Helen Floor
Managing Director, 1-1 Recruitment