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1-1 Recruitment’s top ten tips for job seekers

The jobs market is a highly competitive place right now, so job seekers need to really work hard if they want to find themselves on the employment ladder. At 1-1 Recruitment, we always do our best to help our candidates get into employment, so here is a bit of advice for anyone on the job hunt right now!

 1.       Maintain a positive attitude

This may be our most important piece of advice (and we’ve written about it before). Many job seekers can get disheartened when they fail to get an interview or don’t get the job they interviewed for. Sometime it can take 100 job applications and interview before you land a job, so you just need to stick at it and stay positive. Employers want to hire positive people, so your best bet at success is to keep on smiling!

 2.       Go the extra mile

In the job market of today, it’s not enough to just hand in your CV and hope for the best. You need to go the extra mile. Research the company and write an impressive cover letter. Make phone calls and be willing to commit to extensive interviews.

 3.       Be open to new possibilities

Be aware that you might not be able to just apply for your dream job. If you are more open to other jobs, you will find your job hunt a lot easier. Remember, it is always better to be in employment and perfecting your professional skills so that you can apply them to future jobs which may be better suited to you.

 4.       Be prepared!

Creating a portfolio of your skills, achievements and past work can help in your preparation for interviews. You should always be ready to answer questions and prove yourself to potential employers.

 5.       Make job seeking your full time job

Whilst you are out of employment, you should make job hunting your full time job. That means perfecting your CV, applying to jobs and researching the sector you want to be in from 9.00am until 5.00pm. You should also put some extra hours in on weekends too!

 6.       Use various job hunting sources

Don’t restrict yourself to one avenue of job search. You can use recruitment agencies, newspapers, networking and just keeping an eye on your favourite company’s websites to check for vacancies.

 7.       Use the tools available to you

There are plenty of online tools you can use to build a well-structured CV or learn more about your desired sector. Using LinkedIn to promote yourself as a professional and look for opportunities may help too.

 8.       Make job hunting your number one priority

You may need to forget your social life and hobbies for a while or skip your favourite T.V. programs until you have a job. Procrastination is a job seekers worst enemy, so make sure you prioritise your job hunt above all!

 9.       Take reliable advice from recruitment specialists

No one knows the jobs market quite like a recruitment specialist. Have a discussion with one of our team members and they will help you to identify your core strengths and discover the types of jobs that would be a perfect match for you.

 10.   Apply to one of the many vacancies on our site today!

You’ll never know whether you will get the job if you don’t apply! We have plenty of jobs online now, so browse our vacancies or get in touch with us today to start planning your future career!