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The 10 signs of a great workplace culture

A great workplace culture is what makes employees glad to go to work. It keeps everyone on the same page and encourages everyone to do their best to bring the business forward. But how can you recognise a good workplace culture? You need to identify the businesses vision and values, management style, employee interaction and the day to day feel of the place. This article aims to help you identify the main signs to watch out for.

A Clear Vision

When you start a new job you should be made aware of the company’s vision. What are they trying to achieve? How do they want to be perceived? What is the next step for the company? This is something that everyone in the business should be aware of so that they can work together to achieve the vision.

Clear Values

You should also be made aware of what the company’s values are. This will outline the expected behaviours of the employees. For example, if the company’s values are focussed on achievement and recognition, you will notice people going the extra mile and being recognised and rewarded for it.

Staff Socials

Working with people you like makes life a lot easier. A great workplace culture will involve staff social events outside of work, whether that be a monthly after works drink, trips to the theatre or even a staff sports team. When you get to know your colleagues on a more personal level you will find that you work better together.


Workplace Culture


Management Style

Every great company has a great leader. The managers should be leading from the front, clearly communicating what is expected from their employees. The management style will usually determine the type of workplace culture. Some may encourage a more relaxed approach, while other may opt for a stricter, more organised approach. You will soon get a feel for whether the management style is working for you.

Pleasing The Five Senses

Another important factor to a great workplace culture is that your working environment pleases your senses. Is your workplace visually stimulating? Is there a buzz around the office, with people chatting or music being played? Does your work environment smell nice? If there is a canteen, how tasty is the food? How comfy does your chair feel? All of these factors can contribute to a happier place to work.

Dress Code

The dress code of a workplace can really dictate the overall mood of the place. If you are required to wear a suit, there may be a more formal atmosphere. If you can come to work in your own clothes you may feel more relaxed. If you wear a uniform you may psychologically take on the roll that the uniform implies.

Staff Facilities

It’s always nice to be able to get away from your desk or regular working area and be able to socialise with other employees in a communal area. Not all work places have a recreation area so if yours does then this is a good sign of a great workplace culture.


One of the most important factors of a great workplace culture is the people you work with! It’s always better to work with people who are on the same wavelength as you and this can make the working day much more enjoyable.


Does your workplace offer you training opportunities to develop your own skills? This is something that will help you as an individual and shows that your company cares about you achieving the best results possible.


Finally, you need to consider if and how your company motivates you to achieve more. Are there any incentives for completing your goals? Is there a clear progression path for you? You need to think about what motivates you and whether or not your company is offering you that motivation.