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Making Your Presence Felt in Your First Month at a New Job

Starting a new job can be a daunting prospect. You are going to have a lot to take in over the next few months and on top of that you are going to want to make a good impression. The key to success is to approach your new job with confidence and a positive attitude. We have laid out a set of guidelines for you to follow during your first month in your new position that will guarantee your presence will be felt. 

 1.       Learn about your companies culture before you start

In this day and age, companies are hiring the best culture fit for their company and worrying about developing the candidates’ skills whilst they are in the job. If you go against your companies’ culture or are not aware of the culture, you are sure to fail. The best advice would be to research you companies’ culture before starting the job. You may be able to do this by simply visiting their website or reading through any handbooks you have been given beforehand. If that fails, you can always contact the HR manager or the recruitment consultant you have been dealing with and ask them about the culture. You may want to ask what their core values are or what their mission statement is. Making sure you know the culture and how you can fit in with it is essential when starting a new job.

 2.       Learn more about your specific job role

If you want to impress your peers and managers at your new job, make sure you have done your homework and have something to offer. Perhaps you are about to start a job in the marketing department of a clothing retailer. Learn what you can about the current situation within the fashion industry. Research what competitors are doing. Talk to other people in the industry. Your peers will appreciate your enthusiasm and it will not go unnoticed.

 3.       Take your time getting to know people

It is important to realise that you may not be best friends with everyone straight away. Don’t feel discouraged by this though, sometimes people can be cautious, tentative or shy with new people. Take it one step at a time, get to know the colleagues you sit with, have a casual chat in the staff room with others but just remember relationships take time to build and they can’t be rushed.

 4.       Be open to new things

The best way to fit in is to involve yourself. Be open to people’s invitations and learn to say “Yes” more. If a few people are going to the pub after work and they invite you along, go with them. Even if you don’t drink, it’s still a great excuse to socialise with them. If your company has a football team, bowling team, chess club or any other type of organisation, go along. You don’t have to sign up for life but just showing your face lets people know you are open to socialising and friendship. If you get on with the people you work with you will find it a much more enjoyable experience.

 5.       Go the extra mile

Showing commitment to your new job will go down well with everyone. You don’t have to stay in the office all weekend, but staying an hour late one night in the week to get a project finished or offering to help set up for a big event or conference will show people that you are committed and that this job is important to you.

 6.       Be keen and interested

Hopefully you will be starting a new job that you enjoy, so this one should be easy. Being genuinely keen and interested in your job will make it much more rewarding for you. If you learn something new, share that with your peers and start a discussion. If someone is teaching you something new, stay engaged and positive. Ask questions where you need to and really listen to the answers you are given. Put them into practice then tell the person who taught you how you used that knowledge, they will appreciate that.

 7.       Be a source of new ideas

Don’t be afraid to come forward with new ideas that may improve your own performance or the companies as a whole. Chances are that you were hired because your company wanted a fresh perspective on things, so if you have an idea, share it!

If you follow these simple steps you will be sure to make your presence felt in your first month. The more you apply yourself to the job, the greater the reward will be for you. Starting a new job doesn’t have to be scary, it can be the door to a world of possibility and opportunity. If you are having trouble finding a job that makes you feel valued, appreciated and happy, talk to the experts at 1-1 Recruitment. We are here to help you find a job you love. Contact us today.