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Don't Let the Job Hunt Get You Down

Job-hunting is hard, time-consuming and unpaid. With a constant stream of rejection it can be very easy to let it get you down so here are some tips to help you through.

Do something else

Particularly if you’re unemployed, make sure you have something else in your life other than job-hunting. Go running, start a hobby, anything to break up the time: Basingstoke and Winchester have lots to do.

Don’t commit to one application

It’s easy to do. You’ve found the perfect job and you’re exactly what they’re looking for so why bother applying for anything else? Answer: Because even if you meet all the requirements, you still might not even get an interview and rejection is much easier to handle if you have other applications on the go.

Mix things up

Don’t use the same application method all the time. Try new things, alternate between websites, sign up to agencies, talk to recruiters. Variety will keep things interesting and keep you motivated.

Always customise

A good job-hunting technique is to always customise your application to each position. This greatly improves your chance of being considered and at the least making it further. Even if you’re not successful, getting further is guaranteed to give you a boost.

Let your friends and family boost your confidence

The people that care about you will always be the best at lifting your spirits. Spend time with them and let them build you up.