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Employment Prospects Looking Good

It's great news for those looking for a change in employment or a new job. According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), 97% of employers in the UK are expecting to expand their workforce or keep things unchanged, meaning that only 3% believe they will be downsizing. From that 97%, it is interesting that 44% plan to take on more staff. There have rarely been such optimistic times for people seeking a change to their current situation.

The news is also good for temporary and agency workers, who find jobs through recruitment agencies. Their prospects look to be firmly secured as 95% of those employers surveyed plan to increase their reliance on agency workers over the next 12 months. This reflects how businesses are viewing the economy these days, with 53% seeing it as 'acceptable'. This is up 19% from the same time last year and reflects the renewed optimism in the job market.

A very useful 64% of employers intend to also increase their permanent staff numbers, which will be music to the ears of those seeking a more secure position with longer-term prospects. Zero contracts were also examined in the ONS survey and at present, 27% of employers said they have at least one person on such a contract, with the remaining 73% not having gone down that route.

The main thing is that the UK job market is on the up and shows signs of continuing to prosper. Businesses are learning how to deal with the ups and downs of recessions and are putting measures in place to combat the highs and lows, ensuring that they can remain as stable as ever. The increasing flexibility shown by employers in accommodating the needs of their staff and recognising the important of a home/work balance means that the labour market as a whole has been given a significant boost with access to a wider range of talent. This offers more people a route into the workplace than would otherwise have been the case due to the flexibility of being able to work hours that suit their requirements.