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Vacancies at a Six Year High

In terms of the job market alone, the recession can be seen in the rear-view mirror. There are now more vacancies for UK jobs than at any other time since the autumn of 2008. With almost six hundred thousand positions available, yes, that's right, over half a million jobs that have no-one to do them, it has to be considered that the economy is moving towards an employee's market.

So what does this mean for people who are looking for work? It should mean that it becomes easier to find jobs, but as with anything, the best jobs are likely to go to the best people (on paper and at interview) or to those who are already 'known quantities' i.e. those being temps who have already managed to impress employers to the point of them being offered a full-time position.

In actual fact, if a full-time position becomes available and there are Temps already performing well, it can save organisations a great deal of time and effort in finding the right person, especially if they already have a Temp on their books that they like. The REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) have recently confirmed that nine out of ten organisations have offered permanent roles to Temps in the past twelve months.

Today's figures tell us that there are still four unemployed people per vacancy, but that is a vast improvement over recent years and everything appears to be going in the right direction. It's also worth noting that the country has almost one and a half million part-time workers, out of choice or necessity as many people attempt to juggle work with family life. The trend appears to show that people are prepared to work less hours for more time off, job-share or engage in Temping in order to meet their personal commitments and preferences.

From the employer's perspective, sourcing and hiring talent can be an expensive business as the economy tends to be elastic, so having a pool of Temps allows for a much smoother transition as HR requirements change. It is also becoming a great way to recruit permanent staff, both in terms of being more cost-effective and with the notion of 'try before you buy'. This of course works both ways as it also provides individuals with the opportunity to check out a company before committing to a more permanent position.

The movement in the job market suggests that part-time and temporary roles are now fully engrained into our way of thinking and provide benefits to staff and organisations in order to meet their needs.

As with everything, market trends vary depending on geography. This goes for both businesses and for people. As a whole, the job market is becoming ripe for those seeking work or a new challenge; there hasn't been a better time in recent years to make such a move. There could be worse options than getting a role as a Temp, given that there remains fierce competition for some of the more attractive roles. A foot in the door however, is sometimes all that is required.