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The Personal Touch

In recent years, as the use of technology has evolved and social media has become an increasingly widespread tool in business, our industry has, like many others, embraced its many advantages. The use of social media in promoting vacancies and researching talent has become the accepted norm; while it is a fantastic tool for broadening the market and exposure, is recruitment perhaps becoming less personal as a result?

With email and InMail becoming the default tool for communicating with candidates in today's tech-driven world, the personal touch, the care for the candidate and the ability to work with them and drive their success cannot surely be achieved in the same way as through face-to-face or telephone communication. The best form of recruitment, much like the most successful individuals in business, have a common attribute - communication - and the best communication is a two-way process based on acknowledging the needs of the candidate and the attributes and skills that they offer to the marketplace; something best achieved through a consultative process which all the technology in the world cannot do justice to i.e without the addition of the personal touch. At 1-1 Recruitment, we see this as key.

All too often in today's recruitment world, technology and messaging has overtaken the personal touch, with convenience as the excuse for taking the easy route. Standardised responses via mail, we have all seen them, Thank you for your application, it has been received. Due to the volume of applications, if you have not heard from us in X number of days please assume you have been unsuccessful at this time. This offers nothing to the candidate to show that the recruiting agent has their best interests at heart, let alone understands their skills, what they are offering and what they can bring to a potential role.

A consultative process on the other hand is one where the recruiter and candidate are actively engaged in the process of understanding needs and offerings. Through face-to-face relations and talking, taking the time to understand the candidate, their background, skills and abilities, a recruiter is much more engaged in representing the candidate to potential employers and thus using the best of their own skills to partner the candidate with right employer.

While embracing technology to drive awareness and increase exposure, 1-1 Recruitment strives to redress this imbalance within the industry. For over 13 years we have made this simple yet effective promise to work closely with our candidates and clients, consulting with them to understand their needs and requirements. By communicating well we have been able and continue to deliver on our promise; a promise that has seen us grow and develop our service, building lasting relationships. Technology is, without doubt, a very useful tool to simplify processes, but not at the expense of the personal touch.