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Seasonal recruitment - the right process can uncover hidden gems!

Despite recurring reports of increased growth in the commercial sector and job creation and employment opportunities on the rise, with talk of the recent double dip recession a thing of the past, it is safe to say that few companies are actively recruiting in anything like the numbers the economy would like to see.

So here we are in December, a key month for temporary and part-time recruitment as the Christmas frenzy engulfs us all, with the retail industry as ever lighting the recruitment path at this time of year.

The retail industry is one area where casual, part-time and temporary recruitment is the norm, and in the run up to the Christmas season the demand for increased staff numbers only grows, as it does with all sectors that deliver a service directly to customers. While this is evident from the sometimes higher volume of recruitment postings in traditional job advertising, you cannot help but notice the vacancy adverts that pop up in shop window either, while out Christmas shopping. Yet however a business chooses to recruit, the principles of recruiting the right person are still key.

While casual staff may not necessarily have the same level of responsibility as permanent members of staff, they still represent the company, its brand and its products or service just like all other employees; as such, they ought to have the same attitude, skills and characteristics as all other company staff and fit with the dynamics of the business. Here is where working with a good recruiter who understands your business needs as well as the candidate' skills and experience (see our last blog article) can pay dividends.

With that in mind, while many of us are battling the post-Christmas sales on the hunt for that special bargain i.e. the one we put off buying until the sales or even the one we didn't realise we needed, many companies start their seasonal recruitment drive a month early. In doing this, recruiters are providing employers with an opportunity to bring in the best talent and skills into their business at a time when such businesses are under greater pressure to succeed, ensuring they have the right skills and characteristics on the front-line to deliver the best service they can. Likewise, many employers view this as a prime opportunity to harvest the best talent, in an acknowledgement of the contracted market for year-round permanent staff vacancies.

This early transfer-window is a prime opportunity for employers and potential candidates alike, and in using professional recruitment services, both sides of the table have the best opportunity to find that perfect match. Perhaps that next irreplaceable permanent employee will be found in the casual staff recruitment process? All the more reason to take the seasonal recruitment drive seriously, after all, just as with hunting out those January sales bargains, who knows what unexpected talent might emerge? In the long run, finding some very good temps now, who are worth keeping, can save time later when you don't therefore need to recruit again.