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Blogging for Recruitment Success

In a recent article we discussed the growing importance that social media is having on the recruitment cycle, from posting vacancies to networking and screening using social media profiles; blogging is just another growing facet of the social media revolution. With providers such as WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger, all providing excellent user-friendly interfaces, it's easy to see why there are an estimated 100,000,000 recruitment related blogs active on the internet.

WordPress, one of the primary blogging tools, is estimated to generate over 500,000 new posts every day, with almost as many comments and over 300 million daily users!

Blogging is accepted as being an excellent platform for educating and promoting expert opinion, a superb tool for engaging and interacting with a wide user community, but, it can also have a hugely beneficial place in the wider recruitment cycle. As a tool for engaging with a community, where there is no restriction on word-count or format, blogging can humanise a company or organisation. And let's face it, humanising your organisation, your service and brand is a superb way of selling your place of work asTHEplace to work when looking to hire!

Innovating in this field, perhaps unsurprisingly, is Google. Their careers blog contains discussions on the hiring process as well as information and videos on interview preparation and a Q&A with the recruiting team, all designed to give the potential employee an understanding of how the recruitment process and working culture within one of the World's most dynamic employers works. Demystifying the big company recruitment myths and engaging with a wider talent pool.

Connecting with professional networks online and blogging in particular thus enables you to establish yourself as a leading light in your specialist area; a go-to source of information and knowledge on your industry or service. This in turn significantly raises your professional profile and helps direct interest from potential new talent directly to your door.

But where does one begin? With many deciding to start blogging out of a necessity to maintain and develop an online presence, we've put together this short guide to the benefits of blogging as a recruitment tool;

When used effectively as part of a wider communications strategy, blogging can help recruitment in a number of ways:

  • Building relationships with wider industry networks as well as potential new employees.
  • Promotes your company as a dynamic and enjoyable working environment.
  • A platform for promoting specific department or talent areas within your organisation.
  • Provides a platform for updating the wider community about developments within your organisation.
  • Provides a tool to promote yourself as a thought leader and innovator, a respected source of information on your industry and trends.
  • Acts as a means of generating feedback and opinions for other talented minds within your readership.

For many however the benefits of blogging are perhaps outweighed by a feeling that the time involved in managing a blog is difficult to prioritise in today's business world. But don't worry, here are a few tips to help you better manage that blog and build the benefits identified above:

  • Delegate - consider asking employees to write regular blog articles; who else is better placed to promote your working environment?
  • Write a portfolio of articles to be posted in quick succession; blogs that are active achieve much higher rankings on search engines.
  • Spend a little time researching other similar themed blogs for interesting discussion points to provide easy article themes.
  • Use the blog as an additional tool for communicating about news and developments within the company and the talent pool of potential employees will grow.
  • Consider outsourcing to a specialist organisation that can write for you based on the direction you give them.

One final point is to note that it is important to maintain a blog once it is up and running; effectively an ongoing commitment to post and use the blog will enable it to grow efficiently and become an effective tool for promoting your company, and in particular, its position as an employer of choice!