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Employers Looking For Candidates

When trying to find candidates to fit the vacancies within your business, it is crucial that you find the right recruitment partner. At 1-1 Recruitment, we strive to find candidates who are perfect for your vacancies while providing you with professional and personalised service, making us the right recruitment partner for you and your business.

Our recruitment team have many years of experience and realise that you need impartial, honest advice as well as the flexibility to work within the parameters and expectations you set when trying to find candidates. We realise that you need your recruitment partner to provide you with a pool of motivated and enthusiastic candidates who are proactive job seekers as well as up to date labour market advice. We want to help you find candidates as efficiently and effortlessly as possible. We provide our services at fantastic value for money and perform with maximum efficiency at all times, making the hiring process so much easier for you.

Why Choose 1-1 Recruitment?

At 1-1 Recruitment we pride ourselves on our unrivalled reputation and our strong relationships with local businesses who have chosen us to be their recruitment partner. We strive to help our clients deliver their strategic objectives, resourcing the skills and behaviours needed for their company to evolve and grow. We have helped many businesses find candidates to fit their vacancies and always ensure we provide a highly personalised service to each client as we realise every business has very unique and specific needs and requirements.

We help our clients to find candidates in Commercial, Human Resources, Technical and Senior Appointment roles across Hampshire, Wiltshire and Berkshire. Our team of specialists have many years of experience in helping clients find candidates in these sectors which is why we are the best recruitment partner in the area. Our candidate shortlist contains only the very best, qualified, high calibre candidates who are suitable for the role.

What Will We Do For You?

We are able to help you find candidates whether you are looking for a permanent, temporary or interim recruitment solution. We will meet with you in person and take the time to understand your business and its goals. We strive to understand your recruitment plans, your company culture, team and working environment to ensure we can be the ideal recruitment partner to find candidates for you. We don’t just look to find candidates with the appropriate qualifications and experience, we look beyond this and try to find the right ‘fit’ for the role and the company, which is something we strive to do every time.

When you meet with us, we will discuss the requirements of the available role, working with you to fine tune the job description and person specification which are both highly important cornerstones when trying to find candidates and something we excel at as a recruitment partner. 

As a recruitment partner, we make the entire recruitment process easy, efficient and accurate for our clients. When you come to 1-1 Recruitment to help you find candidates, we do all of the following:

  • Search our extensive database for suitable candidates
  • Advertise to attract new talent
  • Assess candidates thoroughly to ensure they have the skills and cultural fit you need
  • Discuss shortlisted candidates with you, giving you the detail behind the CV
  • Make the interview arrangements, confirming details with all parties

We will also give you honest and timely feedback post interview and support you at the offer stage, acting as an intermediary and negotiator between each parties. We do all of this and more in our mission to find candidates who will improve your business.

Our service as your recruitment partner doesn’t stop when you find candidates and offer them a role. We keep in touch with you and proactively manage candidates during their notice period so that the transition to your employment runs smoothly, staying in contact for the first few weeks where required. From advertising a job vacancy to finding the perfect candidate, 1-1 Recruitment are a recruitment partner that do it all.

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